How documentation leads to better teams (and products)

How can I document my projects?

  1. Start with the basics, estimated time, team members, and their respective roles and expertise. Not necessary to assign to-dos yet.
  2. Collect everything you need. From briefs to benchmark, components, and even inspirational things. Everything that your team uses daily must be there.
  3. Find inputs and outputs, doesn’t matter if it’s for a project, a component, a screen, or the whole product. You need to be sure what you want to achieve and how you’re actually gonna make it.
  4. List to-dos. Have a meeting with your team and talk about times, processes, deadlines, and to-dos. You can use tools such as Notion, Monday, or Clickup.
  5. Constantly verify the process. Add control points whenever you need them and make sure everything goes smoothly.
  6. Document!, you shouldn’t leave documenting to the end, however, if you are in a rush, it’s time to do that. Analyze your process, find errors, encourage designers, developers, and all of your team to list their errors and what solutions worked for them, encourage them to be organized when working with components and guidelines.
  7. Analyze and deliver. Collect all of the information you got from this project, organize it, archive it, adjust your design system if needed. Now’s the time to do this, even if it sounds tedious. And have fun!



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